Practical Mentalism

Now every mindset can work in a dual manner. For instance, while your individual mindset can open doors for you, it can also set serious limitations based on your beliefs and approach in different scenarios.



We are born free but we choose to walk around in chains. Believe it or not all of us actively shape our reality. 

We try to live our lives based on other people’s expectations.

Maybe it’s part of our culture. Perhaps it’s part of our little group.

Whatever the case may be, unless we choose to open our eyes, we do things the same way as the people we hang out with.

Beginner Course:

  • Peel Back the Curtains and You’ll See the Reality of Your Life
  • Our Lives are Intentional

Elementary Course:

  • Too many of us choose to be blind
  • The core of Mentalism

Advanced Course:

  • All stimuli are neutral
  • Change Your Mental Filter

Professional Course:

  • Change Your Mental Habits
  • Change Your Emotional Response Habits
  • Change Your Reality Through Changed Actions